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Free Windscreen Chip Repair within 30 Minutes- Fast Cheap Mobile and Proffessional

Windscreen Chip Repair

We try to repair all windscreens first
Windscreen ChipsAuto Price Windscreens have a repair first policy. We do our level best to repair a windscreen before a consideration is made on replacing it. At Auto Price Windscreens we can repair most chips within 30 minutes using the patented Esprit windscreen chip removal system.The repair process works by injecting a liquid acrylic resin into the damaged glass. The resin is cured by the use of long wave ultra violet light.

Windscreen Chips Repaired Free
A car windscreen chip not only can be repaired depending upon type, size and position but will not cost you a penny. Insurance companies recognise it is cheaper to repair in the early stages of a damaged windscreen. We will bill your insurance company direct don't worry your no claims will not be affected.

Windscreens repaired within 30 minutes
Our windscreen repair process can now have you on your way within 30 minutes. You can now get your windscreen repaired free in your lunch hour whilst at work.Our mobile windscreen repair service enables one of our trained mobile windscreen technicians to come to you if you cannot get to us in Stoke On Trent. Book now to have your windscreen chip removed and repaired.

Our reputation is one of the finest in windscreen chip repair in Stoke-On- Trent but with our mobile service you can now have your windscreen chip repaired anywhere in Derbyshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and Manchester.
Book an appointment for a free windscreen chip repair now before its too late.

Book Appointment for windscreen chip repair
Third Party Insurance Windscreen Chip Repair
If you find your insurance policy does not cover windscreen damage or chip repair do not be alarmed.Majority of insurance companies only cover windscreen damage on fully comprehensive policies.

At Auto Price Windscreens we offer a very cheap and cost effective windscreen chip repair service for individuals on a third party policy only. Our heavily discounted chip repair service can have your windscreen repaired within 30 minutes with it costing you a fortune. Get a quote for your windscreen chip repair now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Are windscreen repairs acceptable for the MOT test?
A:Yes. It is covered in section 6.1 of the test manual

Q:Are repairs possible if chip damage is in the drivers view?
A:Repairs are possible in this area, however caution must be expressed if the repair is in the drivers immediate area of vision.

Q:How much will it cost and will my insurance pay for it?
A:On fully comprehensive policies almost every insurance company will pay for the repair without it affecting your no claims bonus. However if the windscreen requires to be replaced your insurance company may charge an excess. If your windscreen is found to be non repairable Auto Price windscreens will pay up to £25 of your excess. Contact us for further details.

Q:How long do I have to wait before I can drive the car?
A:The car can be driven immediately after the repair is completed.Most windscreen repairs take just under 30 minutes to be completed.

Q:How Strong is the repair to my chipped windscreen?
A:The repair is actually stronger than the undamaged glass

Q:Is the repair to the windscreen damage permanent?
A:Yes. Once the repair is complete off site or onsite at our Stoke on Trent office the repair will be permanent.

Q:My insurance policy does not cover for windscreen damage?
A:If you have a third party insurance policy then you may find your windscreen is not covered for damage. Contact Auto Price Windscreens for one of the cheapest quote in windscreen replacement and repair.

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